CMH (Clear my Head) Herbal Inhalation For cold and allergy sufferers


A unique blend of 7 pure essential oils and all-natural herbs. Herbal Inhalation helps open sinuses, prevents airborne pathogens (bacteria, viruses) and can reduce secondary infections. If used as indicated, CMH Herbal Inhalation can last up to 2 years and the fragrance does not last for you. It's perfect for home and office use. CMH Herbal Inhalation is the greatest salesman as it works! Read more


  1. Question:What are the 7 herbs used?
    Answer:Box states "Botanicals & Essential oils of Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Lavender, Peppermint, Tea Tree, Red Thyme & Ravensara."
    By K. Martin on May 12, 2018

  2. Question:How long does the product retain its smell and effectiveness?
    Answer:Keep the lid on and inhale when needed. The smell is wonderful.
    By Shinyxc on January 7, 2020
    I bought mine last January and it's still effective enough to be useful. When I first opened it it was very potent and effective. I open the lid, and sniff then close it back up and keep out of sunlight. As a person with crummy sinuses and allergies, it's a great tool for keeping my airways clear with a cold.
    By Andrea on January 6, 2020
    As long as you keep the lid on between inhalations, it lasts several months.
    By J. E. Gregory on January 6, 2020
    Returned it because it was not effective for me.
    By LuauGirl on January 7, 2020
    Mine still has its smell. I’ve had it sense October
    By Porsha Beasley on January 7, 2020


CMH (Clear my Head) Herbal Inhalation For cold and allergy sufferers


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